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Vern knows Little Debbie is around. She runs like mad with her tail fuzzed for 30m or so looking for her and generally being on alert. She’s pretty territorial. Little Deb isn’t big enough to handle that energy yet. Nona is similar but not as nuts As LaVerne. So she’s stepping stone #1.

LaVerne just scaled me.

Then Laverne. Then the boss, Ralph.

Slow deliberate introductions.

Please stop...


  • Buying ferrets from pet shops.
  • Buying ferrets on a whim with no proper research.
  • Putting your ferrets in cages too small/with not enough stimulation.
  • Feeding your ferrets bad quality kibble/any fruit or veg/ferretone.

There are enough unwated ferrets in shelters all across the world that need…



I don’t have a ferret, I have a cat.

whatareyoudoingferret :)

I don’t have a ferret, I have a cat.

New Name

Haven’t decided what to call new baby ferret yet. Came with Nadia from shelter. But she looks like a Little Debbie Swiss Roll so maybe Debbie. She also had patches of matter fur shaved off when she was rescued. So maybe Patches O’Houlihan (we already have Steve the Pirate - long story).


A few years ago I stopped getting my haircut at salons. Mostly because my ever increasing bald-spot and rapidly receding hair-line were becoming problematic for women who were doing their level best to make me look stylish. My barber understands that stylish is over. We have now entered the respectable era of personal hairstyles.

Also instead of listening to loud pop music and leafing through Cosmopolitan magazine we just watched Commando while I was getting my hair cut.

Nadia (shelter name) - May be renamed. Est. 5mos.

Someone got past the stair barricade, up the curtain, and into the sink.

Someone got past the stair barricade, up the curtain, and into the sink.

The ferrets have become old enough that they are starting to mark their territory.